American First Server Rack & PDU

We deliver Server Racks, Power Distribution Units, Fiber, Copper, Patch Panels and all other Layer One products to networking professionals nationwide. 

We are dedicated to providing first rate customer service in person and through our site. We purposefully keep the site clear of clutter and jangly animations so you could concentrate on the task at hand. Please brouse the site, look up some of your commonly used products and let us know if you notice any omissions. Your input will help us improve our service and relevance.   

Our mission is to be America's First choice for networking hardware, providing our clients with the quality products and answers they need to maximize their throughput potential, exceeding client expectations.   

Our goal is to make your job easy! enabling you to get the job done your way and on time!
We will follow through until your project is complete and you're satisfied that you can report a job well done.
Our manufacturers are local, national and international and deliver tailor made solutions for dynamic environments. 
Our experience allows us to suggest imaginative solutions in an everchanging world.  Please contact us directly to address your special application(s).
Our experience also allows us to  understand that we may have missed an update:
If you don't see a product you're looking for, please send a message to [email protected] or call
610-277-6995. We strive to be your greatest resource. You are certainly ours!
Let us know about new ideas for products.  We appreciate your help!     
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